by Jim Foreman


        "And that, Jason, is what I did when I was in the Army."
       "You didn't jump out in a parachute or shoot down airplanes or kill any enemy soldiers?" he asked.
       "Nope, not a single one. Not every one in the Army is involved in combat. I was one of the lucky ones who did other things."
       "Was that all true? Did all those things really happen that way?"
       "I suppose that most of it is true, or at least that is the way that I remember it."
       "Where did you and your friends finally have your reunion? Did you get drunk and throw water balloons and sit on whoopee cushions?" asked Jason.
       "Nowhere. We never saw each other again. I got a Christmas Card from Bobby Ward a few years later. There was also a form letter with it, saying that he was running for some office and asking for a political contribution."
       "Why didn't you ever have a reunion?"
       "I suppose that all that we had in common was the army and when that ended, so did our relationship. It's sad to think that we could spend two whole years together and then never bother to see one another again."
       Jason thought about what I had told him for a considerable length of time and then said, "You were sure in a dumb outfit, weren't you?"

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