The day I bought Willie Nelson a beer

I bought Willie Nelson a beer one time, in fact I bought several but wasn't keeping track. I was at the Easter Hill Country Bicycle Ride and camped in Kerrville State Park. Kerr county is "Dry" and the closest place to get beer was about fifteen miles down the road in Comfort so three of us decided to ride our bikes down there for a cold one (or two).

Willie NelsonWe were about half way through our first beers when in walks Willie Nelson and a couple other guys. They took seats at the table next to us and the bartender brought them three beers. "Put those on my tab so I can say I bought Willie Nelson a beer," I told him.

"Can't argue with that, thanks," said Willie. We visited back and forth and told a few jokes as one beer became two then three, after which we sort of lost count as dead soldiers formed ranks on the tables. More people arrived as guitars, fiddles and banjos came out for a jam session. Before long it was standing room only in the small Comfort Bar.

As the party began to wind down, we realized that it had become both dark and drunk outside and we were fifteen miles from our RVs on bicycles. Some guy in a pickup graciously hauled us and our bikes back to Kerrville.


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