Clothing Optional

I'd like to begin this tale by saying that all names will be withheld to protect the guilty and secondly; I'll not even admit whether this story is being reported from the view of a participant or hearsay. Also, there will be no pictures attached.

This incident reportedly took place at Saratoga, Wyoming during the 1994 OBS Grand Tour. There had been considerable discussion prior to arrival about the thermal hot springs at the Saratoga Inn being clothing optional after the sun went down, and the more voyeuristic on the tour seemed to be anxious to explore the possibilities that it offered.

The thermal pools are located about a hundred yards away from the inn, hidden from outside view by a high stockade fence that looks like something built to repel Indian attacks. To add to the remoteness, there are no lights at the pools. The sun had already sunk below the mountains and darkness was rapidly approaching. Eight or ten people were already in the pools, soaking away the aches and pains of an 80-mile day which included climbing over 11,000 foot Snowy Range. Two distaff members on the tour arrived at the pool and were welcomed by catcalls, whistles and shouts about the fact they were wearing swim suits. After a certain amount of urging to just "Do as the Romans Do" they decided that they would bare it all and join the fun. They slipped out of their suits, tossed them on benches and hopped into the pools, only to discover that the people already there had chosen the option of wearing swim suits. Oh well, as they say, there are few secrets among bicyclists. No wonder the OBS needs a Morals Director on all Grand Tours.

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